Clinical Focus

Therapy can be a place for self-exploration and a greater depth of understanding, an avenue to enhance social connections, and a way to set goals and chart a path to achieve them. I value lifelong learning and the power of human connection, and as such, the goal of enhancing self-awareness, and desire to learn, grow, and evolve deeply resonates with me. I also value approaching people from a place of curiosity, empathetic understanding, and the power of validation, all which are important components of the therapeutic relationship and setting.

I work with clients to address any obstacles they may be facing, assist them in setting goals, and in helping them to enact a plan to achieve their desired outcomes. This partnership is different from person to person, because it’s about identifying any stumbling blocks clients may be facing and working through them.

My goal is to create a warm and open atmosphere, where clients feel comfortable sharing their stories. I use a variety of evidence-based approaches to help people reach their full potential.


I have a background in educational psychology, with a focus on learning and development, and use that lens to help clients understand their cognitions and behaviors, as well as ways to cultivate habits that will lead to growth and fulfillment. I am also well versed in dealing with transition and work-related issues, and can help people identify their inner strengths, and adapt and thrive in their environments.

Additionally, I have an extensive background in relationship science and a degree in marriage and family therapy. I partner with individuals to help them recognize fulfilling relationships (romantic or platonic) that enable personal growth and enhance their overall life satisfaction. I collaborate with them to determine the steps they may take to find and foster these connections. I also support those in existing relationships by helping them improve upon their skills and ability to create long-lasting, and loving bonds.

Overall, I help my clients become more self-aware, create a deeper understanding of what they are looking for, as well as assist them in visualizing and generating a plan to achieve their goals.

My clinical focus centers on, but is not limited to, relationships, anxiety, stress, boundary setting, work/life balance, and adjusting to life transitions. I am a certified Prepare Enrich facilitator, a program that equips couples and families with evidence-based skills and insights to foster healthy relationships. I have completed Level 1 and Level 2 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Externship. I have also taken courses in the practice of mindful awareness and incorporate various exercises into my work.